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A Cowboy Bebop Fanfiction

Leadbelly: A Cowboy Bebop Fanfiction
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So the point is...?

All sorts of stuff. I finally have a good excuse to get off my ass and do some serious Leadbelly revisions. I'll have a place to archive all the chapters and post new chapters when fanfiction.net is being a motherbugger...Oh, and we can talk, too! How's about that? About all sorts of good things like writing tips (from you to me -- I'm desperate for those more frequently than I should probably let on, from her to him, from me to you, from him to her...), fanfic recs, characters, fanart (Brigidforest and I lurve fanart...all sorts of different kinds. Don't be shy with it, okay?), music and lyric recs (Trust me, we'll have them coming out the wazoo so we'll expect nothing less from you), poetry recs, criticisms (Constructive only, okay? See rules below...) and bursting-with-gusto convos about Bebop in general.

The series is over but you wouldn't leave a classic car rusting in some garage somewhere, would you?

I'm game for breathing some new life into it if you are.


Rules, huh? Do we need rules? Yeah, okay. What the hell, right? Here's one:

- Try to stay nice to eachother. No, really. Don't say anything you'd get elbowed in the face for saying to someone in real-life.

Who the hell is this, anyways?

I wish I could tell you how I got into writing fanfiction without sounding like an arrogant knob. I'll try.

I sort of had a roundabout idea about fanfiction (mostly from seeing those old Star Trek novels -- not the best introduction to the craft). The majority of my thoughts on amateur fanfiction were negative ones which was pretty prejudgemental of me considering I'd never read a piece of amateur fanfiction in my entire life. Well...except for those ones that the girls in my class used to write about New Kids On The Block (Donnie was my favourite in case you were curious). I read some pretty bad Cowboy Bebop fanfiction on ff.net and ended up making a bet with a friend that I could post something I'd written years before, change the names and still have it be better than some of the other stuff I'd read there. Yeah, I know. I'm a cow. Don't worry, I'm aware.

Anyways, I ended up getting reviews. REVIEWS. Sigh. Honestly after those first couple of reviews it was like a drug. Not in a good way, either. I was on ff.net every night posting a new chapter. And the story just got longer and longer and longer. If you've read it you know. I've been writing it for about three years now.

Okay, so I've calmed down. I don't post every night anymore. Mostly because I had to get a job and stuff. Adulthood sucks. I'm not sure what I was thinking. When I was a kid me and my best friend, Marie, were going to start a band and move to Australia because she wanted to eventually marry Michael Hutchence. I should have stuck with that plan. The shark attack stories are what put me off. I'm a total hydrophobe. But right now I could be living off my friend's wealth, playing my little guitar, entering endless summer days instead of the horror that is Canadian winter. And Michael Hutchence might still be alive today. Oh yes -- pay attention kids. Every decision you make in life can affect those around you. I think I might have killed Michael Hutchence. This is all my fault...

I shouldn't have started writing this while in the mid-to-late throes of over-exhaustion. I had a point when I started out...Oh yeah, okay...

The community is only as lively and interesting as its members...that's why we need you. Because I'm in no way lively or interesting.

Welcome and thanks for coming...